MEGACLASS Osteichthyes Huxley, 1880 – bony fish

SUPERCLASS Actinopterygii Klein, 1885 – ray-finned fishes

CLASS Cladistia Cope, 1870

ORDER Polypteriformes Bleeker, 1859 – bichirs


Family Polypteridae

CLASS Actinopteri Cope, 1872

SUBCLASS Chondrostei sturgeons and paddlefishes

ORDER Acipenseriformes Berg, 1940 – sturgeons, paddlefishes

SUBCLASS Neopterygii Regan, 1923

INFRACLASS Holostei Müller, 1846 – gars and bowfins

ORDER Amiiformes Hay, 1829 – bowfins


Family Amiidae

ORDER Lepisosteiformes Hay, 1829 – gars

INFRACLASS Teleostei Müller, 1846

MEGACOHORT Elopocephalai

SUPERCOHORT Elopocephala

COHORT Elopomorpha Greenwood et al., 1966

ORDER Elopiformes Greenwood et al., 1966
tenpounder, ladyfishes, tarpons


Family Elopidae


Family Megalopidae

ORDER Albuliformes Greenwood et al., 1966 – bonefishes


Family Albulidae

ORDER Notacanthiformes Berg, 1947 – spiny eels

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