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Family Chlopsidae Rafinesque, 1815 – false morays

Family Chlopsidae Rafinesque, 1815 – false morays

The Family Chlopsidae includes 8 genera (Boehlkenchelys, Catesbya, Chilorhinus, Chlopsis, Kaupichthys, Powellichthys, Robinsia and Xenoconger)

There are 8 genera and 25 species currently recognized: Boehlkenchelys (1), Catesbya (1), Chilorhinus (2), Chlopsis (12), Kaupichthys (6), Powellichthys (1), Robinsia (1) and Xenconger (1)

Images: the images are sorted according to genus. The genus Powellichthys has no available image.

GENUS Boehlkenchelys


GENUS Catesbya


GENUS Chilorhinus


GENUS Chlopsis


GENUS Kaupichthys


GENUS Robinsia


GENUS Xenoconger



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Family Chlopsidae false morays


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Family Chlopsidae