Family Cobitidae Swainson, 1838 – loaches

Family Cobitidae Swainson, 1838 – loaches

The Family Cobitidae includes 18 genera (Acantopsis, Aperioptus, Bibarba, Canthophrys, Cobitis, Koreocobitis, Kottelatlimia, Lepidocephalichthys, Lepidocephalus, Microcobitis, Misgurnus, Neoeucirrhichthys, Pangio, Paralepidocephalus, Paramisgurnus, Protocobitis, Sabanejewia and Theriodes

There are 18 genera and 195 species currently recognized: Acantopsis (4), Aperioptus (7), Bibarba (2), Canthophrys (1), Cobitis (97), Koreocobitis (2), Kottelatlimia (3), Lepidocephalichthys (18), Lepidocephalus (5), Microcobitis (1), Misgurnus (7), Neoeucirrhichthys (1), Pangio (32), Paralepidocephalus (3), Paramisgurnus (2), Protocobitis (3), Sabanejewia (10) and Theriodes (1)

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GENUS Acantopsis

GENUS Aperioptus

GENUS Bibarba

GENUS Canthophrys

GENUS Cobitis

GENUS Koreocobitis

GENUS Kottelatlima

GENUS Lepidocephalichthys

GENUS Lepidocephalus

GENUS Microcobitis

GENUS Misgurnus

GENUS Neoeucirrhichthys

GENUS Pangio

GENUS Paralepidocephalus

GENUS Paramisgurnus

GENUS Protocobitis

GENUS Sabanejewia


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