Family Congridae Kaup, 1856 – conger eels

Family Congridae Kaup, 1856 – conger eels

The Family Congridae includes 3 subfamilies and 30 genera [Congrinae: (Acromycter, Bassanago, Bathycongrus, Bathyuroconger, Blachea, Castleichthys, Conger, Congrhynchus, Congriscus, Congrosoma, Diploconger, Gnathophis, Japonoconger, Lumiconger, Macrocephenchelys, Paruroconger, Promyllantor, Pseudophichthys, Rhynchoconger, Scalanago, Uroconger and Xenomystax)], [Bathymyrinae: (Ariosoma, Bathymyrus, Chiloconger, Kenyaconger, Parabathymyrus and Paraconger)] and [Heterocongrinae: (Gorgasia and Heteroconger)]

There are 3 subfamilies, 30 genera and 201 species currently recognized: Congrinae: Acromycter (5), Bassanago (4), Bathycongrus (22), Bathyuroconger (2), Blachea (2), Castleichthys (1), Conger (16), Congrhynchus (1), Congriscus (3), Congrosoma (1), Diploconger (1), Gnathophis (28), Japonoconger (3), Lumiconger (1), Macrocephenchelys (3), Paruroconger (1), Promyllantor (3), Pseudophichthys (2), Rhynchoconger (7), Scalanago (1), Uroconger (3) and Xenomystax (5)], [Bathymyrinae: Ariosoma (33), Bathymyrus (3), Chiloconger (2), Kenyaconger (1), Parabathymyrus (6) and Paraconger (7)] and [Heterocongrinae: (Gorgasia (14) and Heteroconger (20)]

Images: the images are sorted according to genus. I was unable to find suitable images for the following genera: Acromycter, Castleichthys, Paruroconger, Promyllantor, Scalanago and Kenyaconger.

GENUS Bassanago



GENUS Bathycongrus



GENUS Bathyuroconger



GENUS Blachea



GENUS Conger



GENUS Congrhynchus



GENUS Congriscus



GENUS Congrosoma



GENUS Diploconger



GENUS Gnathophis



GENUS Japonoconger



GENUS Lumiconger



GENUS Macrocephenchelys



GENUS Pseudophichthys



GENUS Rhynchoconger



GENUS Uroconger



GENUS Xenomystax



GENUS Ariosoma



GENUS Bathymyrus



GENUS Chiloconger



GENUS Parabathymyrus



GENUS Paraconger



GENUS Gorgasia



GENUS Heteroconger



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