Family Engraulidae Gill, 1861 – anchovies


Family Engraulidae Gill, 1861 – anchovies

The Family Engraulidae includes 17 genera (Amazonsprattus, Anchoa, Anchovia, Anchoviella, Cetengraulis, Coilia, Encrasicholina, Engraulis, Jurengraulis, Lycengraulis, Lycothrissa, Papuengraulis, Pseudosetipinna, Pterengraulis, Setipinna, Stolephorus and Thryssa)

There are 17 genera and 152 species currently recognized: Amazonsprattus (1), Anchoa (35), Anchovia (4), Anchoviella (16), Cetengraulis (2), Coilia (12), Encrasicholina (9), Engraulis (9), Jurengraulis (1), Lycengraulis (5), Lycothrissa (1), Papuengraulis (1), Pseudosetipinna (1), Pterengraulis (1), Setipinna (8), Stolephorus (22) and Thryssa (24)

Images: the images are sorted according to genus.  There was no suitable image for the genus Pseudosetipinna.

GENUS Amazonsprattus

GENUS Anchoa

GENUS Anchovia

GENUS Anchoviella

GENUS Cetengraulis

GENUS Coilia

GENUS Encrasicholina

GENUS Engraulis

GENUS Jurengraulis

GENUS Lycengraulis

GENUS Lycothrissa

GENUS Papuengraulis

GENUS Pterengraulis

GENUS Setipinna

GENUS Stolephorus

GENUS Thryssa


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