Family Muraenidae Rafinesque, 1810 – moray eels

Family Muraenidae Rafinesque, 1810 – moray eels

The Family Muraenidae includes 2 subfamilies and 16 genera [Utropteryginae: (Anarchias, Channomuraena, Cirrimaxilla, Scuticaria and Uropterygius)] and [Muraeninae: (Diaphenchelys, Echidna, Enchelycore, Enchelynassa, Gymnomuraena, Gymnothorax, Monopenchelys, Muraena, Pseudechidna, Rhinomuraena and Strophidon)]

There are 2 subfamilies, 16 genera and 203 species currently recognized: [Uropteryiginae: Anarchias (10), Channomuraena (2), Cirrimaxilla (1), Scuticaria (2) and Uropterygius (21)] and [Muraeninae: Diaphenchelys (2), Echidna (11), Enchelycore (12), Enchelynassa (1), Gymnomuraena (1), Gymnothorax (125), Monopenchelys (1), Muraena (9), Pseudechidna (1), Rhinomuraena (1) and Strophidon (3)]

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GENUS Anarchias


GENUS Channomuraena


GENUS Cirrimaxilla


GENUS Scuticaria


GENUS Uropterygius


GENUS Diaphenchelys


GENUS Echidna


GENUS Enchelycore


GENUS Enchelynassa


GENUS Gymnomuraena


GENUS Gymnothorax


GENUS Monopenchelys


GENUS Muraena


GENUS Pseudechidna


GENUS Rhinomuraena


GENUS Strophidon



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Family Muraenidae moray eels


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