Family Nemacheilidae Regan, 1911 – stone loaches

Family Nemacheilidae Regan, 1911 – stone loaches

The Family Nemacheilidae includes 49 genera (Aborichthys, Acanthocobitis, Afronemacheilus, Barbatula, Claea, Draconectes, Dzihunia, Eidinemacheilus, Eonemachilus, Hedinichthys, Heminoemacheilus, Homatula, Indoreonectes, Indotriplophysa, Iskandaria, Labiatophysa, Lefua, Malihkaia, Mesonemacheilus, Micronemacheilus, Nemacheilus, Nemachilichthys, Neonoemacheilus, Oreonectes, Oxynoemacheilus, Paracanthocobitis, Paracobitis, Paranemachilus, Paraschistura, Petruichthys, Physoschistura, Protonemacheilus, Pteronemacheilus, Qinghaichthys, Sasanidus, Schistura, Sectoria, Seminemacheilus, Speonectes, Sphaerophysa, Sundoreonectes, Tarimichthys, Traccatichthys, Triplophysa, Troglocobitis, Troglonectes, Tuberoschistura, Turcinoemacheilus and Yunnanilus)

There are 49 genera and 691 species currently recognized: Aborichthys (8), Acanthocobitis (1), Afronemacheilus (2), Barbatula (18), Claea (2), Draconectes (1), Dzihunia (3), Eidinemacheilus (2), Eonemachilus (3), Hedinichthys (4), Heminoemacheilus (3), Homatula (14), Indoreonectes (2), Indotriplophysa (4), Iskandaria (2), Labiatophysa (2), Lefua (6), Malihkaia (1), Mesonemacheilus (7), Micronemacheilus (1), Nemacheilus (35), Nemachilichthys (1), Neonoemacheilus (5), Oreonectes (9), Oxynoemacheilus (56), Paracanthocobitis (14), Paracobitis (13), Paranemachilus (2), Paraschistura (21), Petruichthys (2), Physoschistura (15), Protonemacheilus (1), Pteronemacheilus (2), Qinghaichthys (4), Sasanidus (1), Schistura (221), Sectoria (2), Seminemacheilus (2), Speonectes (1), Sphaerophysa (1), Sundoreonectes (2), Tarimichthys (2), Traccatichthys (5), Triplophysa (140), Troglocobitis (1), Troglonectes (7), Tuberoschistura (2), Turcinoemacheilus (6) and Yunnanilus (32)

Images: the images are sorted according to genus.  I was unable to find suitable images for the following genera: Claea, Eonemachilus, Indotriplophysa, Labiatophysa, Malihkaia, Protonemacheilus, Qinghaichthys, Seminemacheilus, Sphaerophysa, Sundoreonectes, Tarimichthys, Troglonectes and Yunnanilus

GENUS Aborichthys

  GENUS Acanthocobitis

  GENUS Afronemacheilus

  GENUS Barbatula

  GENUS Draconectes 

GENUS Dzihunia 

GENUS Eidinemacheilus 

GENUS Hedinichthys 

GENUS Heminoemacheilus 

GENUS Homatula 

GENUS Indoreonectes 

GENUS Iskandaria 

GENUS Lefua 

GENUS Mesonemacheilus 

GENUS Micronemacheilus 

GENUS Nemacheilus 

GENUS Nemachilichthys 

GENUS Neonoemacheilus 

GENUS Oreonectes 

GENUS Oxynoemacheilus 

GENUS Paracanthocobitis 

GENUS Paracobitis 

GENUS Paranemachilus 

GENUS Paraschistura 

GENUS Petruichthys 

GENUS Physoschistura 

GENUS Pteronemacheilus 

GENUS Sasanidus 

GENUS Schistura 

GENUS Sectoria 

GENUS Speonectes 

GENUS Traccatichthys 

GENUS Triplophysa 

GENUS Troglocobits 

GENUS Tuberoschistura 

GENUS Turcinoemacheilus


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