Family Synaphobranchidae Johnson, 1862 – cutthroat eels

Family Synaphobranchidae Johnson, 1862 – cutthroat eels

The Family Synaphobranchidae includes 3 subfamilies and 12 genera [Ilyophinae: Atractodenchelys, Dysomma, Dysommina, Ilyophis, Linkenchelys, Meadia and Thermobiotes], [Synaphobranchinae: Diastobranchus, Haptenchelys, Histiobranchus and Synaphobranchus] and [Simenchelyinae: Simenchelys]

There are 3 subfamilies, 12 genera and 40 species currently recognized: [Ilyophinae: Atractodenchelys (2), Dysomma (13), Dysommina (2), Ilyophis (6), Linkenchelys (1), Meadia (2) and Thermobiotes (1)], Synaphobranchinae: Diastobranchus (1), Haptenchelys (2), Histiobranchus (3) and Synaphobranchus (6)] and [Simenchelyinae: Simenchelys (1)]

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GENUS Atractodenchelys


GENUS Dysomma


GENUS Dysommina


GENUS Ilyophis


GENUS Meadia


GENUS Thermobiotes


GENUS Diatobranchus


GENUS Haptenchelys


GENUS Histiobranchus


GENUS Synaphobranchus


GENUS Simenchelys



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Family Synaphobranchidae cutthroat eels


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Family Synaphobranchidae